Umpqua Signature Patterns

  • A caddis nymph fly tied on a jig hook

    Sweetmeat Caddis

    The CDC "wing" on the hook point side of the fly help orient the hook correctly in the water column. Designed on Rocky Mountain streams and rivers, but effective wherever caddis hatch, from Iceland to Chile and beyond.

  • A stonefly nymph fly

    Flexy Stone

    The translucent quality of the flexy tubing material used to tie this unique pattern combined with the texture and wing case profile give it great appeal to trout.

  • A Yellow Sally nymph fly tied on a jig hook

    Sweetmeat Sally

    An off-shoot of my Sweetmeat Caddis style with the same general construction and CDC wing, this Sally is a great attractor fly but also has awesome details to close the deal with the fine legs and tan CDC.

A bunch of caddis fly nymphs

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